Homemade Chalk paint recipe for furniture

and how it stacks up to Annie Sloans Chalk Paint

Well I have got to try it. Yes I am a huge fan of Annie Sloan Chalk paint but I paint a lot and making money is important. Over $30.00 a Quart seems really high.  I also wanted more color choices. I just hope that it covers with out all the prep work. I have soooo loved that.

I’m using Plaster of Paris and the free quart of paints I got from Ace Hardware’s Free Paint on Saturdays in March. The paint is Clark + Kensington Flat Enamel Paint and there are some colors that can’t be mixed in small amounts..so don’t flip out on the little guy. (I witnessed some ugliness) My goodness it was free just pick another color! This paint has primer in it so this could be the match we have been waiting for.

I can’t recommend a recipe because it is kind of a preference and different paint will mix different.  I used a few tablespoons of plaster of Paris to a half a quart of a paint.  Getting it to mix right is a trick. I suggest mixing the plaster of Paris with a small amount of water real wear then add it.

Looks chunkier but once applied it goes on nicely. 2 coats with no prep work seems to have done the trick.  Not sure why but drying time is a little bit longer but rain has just moved out and could be the humidity. Also could be because it is thicker. I like the small amount of grit and probably will mix in more Plaster of Paris to my next batch. Remember I’m here to make my furniture look old and imperfect. Don’t use this if you are striving for perfection and a brand new look.

I also noticed the smell of paint. Hard to work inside with other paints…really missing the low odor Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  If I do it again I will use low fume paint because I love painting at my work bench but not with that smell.  I used Annie Sloan’s Wax over my picture frame because I’ve paid for it and It will last me awhile. I used the clear and then the dark over it. (now that stuff smells and is strong) I’m in love with this color: Clark + Kensington Flat Enamel paint in Golden Wheat mixed with Plaster of paris!! Not sure how popular it will be with the customers but I’ll set out a few pieces and see how it goes and update everyone. Making your own Chalk paint might work for some projects like frames etc…does not work well with furniture. Annie Sloan has it down to a science. I’ll take No sanding, No priming, and always the look I’m going for.

-Shab 2 Fab Shannon