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Part 2 From Flood to Fabulous….I hope!

Update 1/1/13: My Chalk Painted fireplace brick pictures where during construction and one of the most visited pages so I thought I would add some updated pictures so everyone could see what it looks like while being a home only half under construction lol :)





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Well I’m as happy as can be! I have whined and complained for 5 years about the 1970′s brick fireplace in our den.  Now that I have been using Chalk Paint I have learned the extent of it’s magic paint ;-) It was time to jump in and see what it would do on brick.  I couldn’t find any instruction or blogs on painting brick with chalk paint so I was on my own.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Brick Fireplace Chalk paint fireplace makeover

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Makeover



I'll post more pics after we trim, paint and hang the mantle.

With the help of my crazy friend Danica we picked up some loose bricks on the side of the road to practice on. Painted one with latex paint and it needed 3 coats.  I primed one then painted over with the same latex paint and it looked okay but still a two to three step process. Then I painted one with Chalk Paint in Grey, covered great but was to light and then I did one in Dark Gray Chalk Paint and got too dark.  My final mixture ended up being 2 parts Garfield Grey and 1 part Ice.

My brick has some weird design in it so the coverage for it was harder to get than my roadside sample bricks. I didn’t want the thick coat of paint look like most fireplace makeovers have. I wanted to have a hint of the bricks texture to come out. Brick isn’t naturally shiny or glossy so I wanted the same dry rough look that brick gives. If you wanted more coverage just do the first coat where you push the brush into each crevice with pressure so you fill ever spot. Then do a second thicker coat after it dries so you can get that look. I could still change my mind on that…I am a woman and I am allowed! :)

It took me about 3.5 hours to paint the brick if you take away the stopping for laundry and to let the dogs in and out every 10 minutes. I mixed 3 quarts of paint and still have 2 quarts left. I just assumed it would soak it up and I would even possibly need more. Wow that is only around $40.00 for this makeover. If I would have done the primer and then the latex paint I’m looking at even more and an extra step. If you do the second coat add at least a half qt.  Use a brush that you don’t mind tossing because brick is rough on brushes and your wrist.

Brick Fireplace Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk PaintBrick Fireplace Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


Break down:

Paint under $40.00 depending on how much brick you have, and coverage you want.

Brush $1.00 for a 3 pack at The Dollar Tree.

Time 3.5 hours for one coat.

Chalk Paint Brick Fireplace Makeover $41.00



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